Be a Volunteer

In Canada

There are many ways for you to volunteer for Guatemala Hope here at home. We need people of all ages and all walks of life. We are pleased to sign letters for students working on their volunteer hours.

The following list of opportunities is not meant to be limiting. Maybe you know of another way to volunteer your services.

  • Spanish language skills are needed for translating letters and business documents. Spanish skills are also needed for telephone conversations with our Guatemala contacts
  • Financial skills and management skills are assets to the board and working committees.
  • Helping hands are needed for operating fundraiser events.
  • Presenters are wanted to speak at our awareness events.
  • Willing bodies are needed for collecting and packing supplies.

Contact us at  to learn more about these opportunities or to volunteer.

Hosting for Hope

Guatemala Hope is pleased to have individuals, schools  and community organizations who want to host events to benefit our organization and the many diverse projects in southern Guatemala.  Hosting events is also an opportunity to bring awareness of the living conditions in the villages we serve.

By hosting an event you are providing an opportunity for members of your group to take an active role in positive change in the lives of the poor. Money that you raise could provide the opportunity for another child to attend school, a family may have a dry and solid house in which to live, a sick child be given the treatment so he can have a healthy tomorrow, a farmer may be able to put in irrigation pumps or have money for seeds and other crop inputs.  All money given by you to Guatemala Hope will go directly to projects and programs in the villages where we work.

From hosting a dinner party, to organizing a golf tournament, to donating proceeds from product sales, there are countless ways that you can raise funds. We are open to exploring these, and other ideas with you.

To assist you in getting the creative juices flowing we have provided a few ideas.  Remember to choose an activity which you are comfortable with and one that you feel you are able to achieve. Be creative, and most of all, have FUN!

Individual Fundraising

  • Letter Writing Campaign - Mail, Facebook or e-mail everyone you know about how and why you want to raise money for Guatemala Hope and ask for their support.
  • Ask your friends and family to check us out at our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GuatemalaHope. Direct them to this website and encourage them to "Like" and "Share" our page and postings.
  • Participate in an existing event.
  • Sign up for a marathon or cycling event  - Collect donations based on miles or time.
  • In lieu of party gifts - At your next birthday, anniversary, or special occasion party, consider collecting donations in lieu of gifts.
  • If you are needing community service hours for high school we can credit you for the hours you donate.

Office/Company Fundraising

  • Put a donation jar in the lunch room - "Give Your Change to make a Change in Guatemala"
  • Provide a Percent of Proceeds from a Sale or Commission - If you own a business, choose an ongoing or one time opportunity for a designated percent of your proceeds to go toward Guatemala Hope
  • Matching Funds - ask your company to match funds you raise through your event.
  • Become a Corporate Sponsor

School/Community Fundraising 

  • Food sales: A bake sale can be a simple fundraiser. Ask local bakeries for donations or get volunteers to bake some of their specialties.
  • Loonie or Toonie drives or Match my $10.
  • Buy a Privilege to Support the Underprivileged - students purchase the right to chew gum, or wear a hat or wear their pajamas.
  • Neighborhood Yard Sales. Organize your neighborhood to put on a yard sale with a percent of proceeds going Guatemala Hope. You’ll help motivate your neighbors to do that long awaited housecleaning and help those in need at the same time.
  • Coordinate a presentation about Guatemala Hope for your church, community group, school or classroom to help educate the community about Guatemala and the ways they can support our efforts

In Guatemala

Guatemala Hope sends 2-3 mission trips a year to work in the most southern part of Guatemala, the Suchitepetequez Department. Our mission chair would be pleased to talk to you directly and answer your questions about volunteeting as a trip participant.  Send her an email at info@guatemalahope.org

Guatemalan Volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. Guatemala Hope wants to work in partnership with the people of Guatemala and appreciates working with individuals who know the culture and have networks in the country.  Volunteers are needed to assist making local arrangements for our trips and for work in between our trips. We also welcome trip participants with bilingual skills, medical training or other assets that will benefit the work of Guatemala Hope.

If  you are interested in helping us with our current events or have any events you would like to host, please contact us a .