Get Involved

Volunteers and Donations are key to our success!

There are many ways you can get involved, both here in Canada or in Guatemala.  You can have a positive influence on the lives of the people of southern Guatemala when you give of your time, talents, money or supplies . We invite you to investigate the ways you can be involved with helping those less privileged than ourselves.

  • Training Opportunities Guatemala Hope


    We are always looking for volunteers to help our organization meets its goals.
    Your help is needed for fundraising activities, collecting and packing trip supplies, building public awareness or serving on the board and committees.

    Check out some of the ways you can be involved.

  • Support Events

    Every year, in the month of October, Guatemala Hope hosts its "Live and Silent Dinner Auction" in Woodslee, Ontario.Volunteers are always needed to donate or help collect items, sell tickets or spend a few hours in the kitchen.

    Throughout the year we also participate in other fundraising events like Fish Fries, Pasta Dinners, A1 Chinese Dinners and other activities that become available.

    Stay posted here at our website and on our facebook page.

  • Susan Rock Chair of Health Committee Guatemala Hope

    Become a Trip Participant

    Guatemala Hope generally coordinates two or three trips to Guatemala each year. Most trips are in the dry season - between November and April,
    Small groups or groups up to 24 people travel to Southwestern Guatemala for one week to ten days. The dates and specific trip purposes are decided by June of each year.

    If you are interest in becoming a trip participant, please contact us at

  • Donate

    Your financial contribution enables us to deliver the much needed programs and supplies to the people in the villages we support. Your financial support allows us to build homes, provide training opportunities for our villagers and carry out projects.

    We do our utmost to guarantee every possible dollar is spent to improve the conditions in Guatemala.