Guatemala Connections

Guatemala Connections

Guatemala Hope works in partnership with the local committees in El Triunfo and the surrounding area to determine the critical areas for development.

Village Committee


Alberta Padilla, Reuben Martinez and Theofilio.

Local Committees

Guatemala Hope has working committees in Esperanza, Guajilote, Los Tiestos and El Triunfo. These committees work on behalf of Guatemala Hope during our absence.  They are set up with operating groups to carry out their work and they are accountable to Guatemala Hope for their activities and expenditures.

When we are in the villages, Guatemala Hope representatives meet with the local committees and relevant working groups. Discussions are held to evaluate current activities and to set the direction for future activities.

We have regular communications with our villagers through a local interpreter and send funds to them throughout the year.

Volunteers from Guatemala City

Through a variety of networks, Guatemala Hope has the opportunity to work with different volunteers from Guatemala City and surrounding areas. They are committed individuals who want to help their own people and do so by helping us. They assist with logistics of travel, food and resources. Some volunteers work by contributing their language skills, medical skills or simply by providing love and support to the people in the villages we serve.

Monica, Rigo, Abdy

Monica and Abdy are 2 of many students from the Translation Department at the San Carlos University in Guatemala. They volunteer to spend the week with our various mission groups.  Rigo, a Language Teacher at the Naval Base in Escuintla, has been our interpreter and Guatemala connection for many years. They, along with many others accompany us to the villages to be our Spanish voices.  Without their language expertise we could not do the work we do.

Magda Anna Wendy

Magda, Anna, Wendy

Led by Magda, our friends in Guatemala City spend countless hours making sure everything is arranged for the Guatemala Hope trip participants in advance of their arrival.  They work year round with members of our Board of  Directors to make accommodations for upcoming trips, helping to ensure the successful outcomes of our many projects.

Father Contran

Father Contran

Father Contran is the past director of the St. Hermano Pedro Hospital where our referral patients can receive healthcare at no cost or a fee that is in proportion to their income. This hospital is also the Guatemala headquarters  for "Faith In Practice"  a non-profit organization of volunteer health professionals that seeks to improve the physical and economic conditions of the poor in Guatemala through short-term surgical, medical and dental mission trips and health-related educational programs.  Guatemal Hope is currently looking to establish relationships with other medical NGOs.