Board of Directors

Louise Elliott President of Guatemala Hope
Louise Elliott President

Louise Elliott is the mother of 4 (Mary, Angela, Heidi and Joe), wife of Barry and grandmother of 7. She and Barry reside in Belle River, and are active parishioners at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Woodsee. Louise has worked for the past 15 years as a Quality Program Manager at various Injection Molding Facilities. While she loves the challenges of her working world, her true passion is working with Guatemala Hope and the amazing villagers it serves.

Louise founded Guatemala Hope (originally knows as Guatemala Relief) in response to a request from her friend, Rosa Gutierrez, a refugee from the village of el Triunfo in Guatemala. Since the beginning Louise has served on the Board of Directors and is the veteran of over 25 trips to El Triunfo.  She is delighted that this has also become a love affair for the rest of her family. Louise continues to be amazed at the great growth and expansion of Guatemala Hope, and the countless loving hours of donated labour that our villagers, Board members and members of Guatemala Hope give so generously. God is good!!!

Carmelo Gutierrez Vice President

Carmelo and his immediate family arrived in Canada in 1992 as refugees from war torn Guatemala.  Today, thanks to his 8 years of managerial experience and St. Clair College education, Carmelo applies his knowledge and corporate structuring skills to serving on the Board of Directors.   Throughout his professional career, Carmelo has been certified to train, coach, and mentor those hoping to attain a leadership position.

Guatemala Hope and Carmelo share a strong passion and commitment to rebuilding his first home of El Triunfo, and surrounding area.  Guatemala Hope has directly elevated the quality of life his family has in Guatemala through their Development, Agricultural, Education, and Health projects.

Carmelo is grateful, honored, and humbled, to be a part of Guatemala Hope.  This is just the beginning of more great things to come.

Denise Hoffman Secretary, Education Chair of Guatemala Hope
Denise Hoffman Secretary - Education Chair

Denise has been involved with Guatemala Hope since 2007 and currently lives in Chatham with her husband Bill.  She has 2 grown sons, 2 beautiful daughter-in-laws and 5 wonderful grand children that she loves to spoil. Denise has been involved as a volunteer in her community since a young adult and had always wanted to participate on a trip to a Third World country.  She was finally able to make this dream come true when she joined Guatemala Hope in 2007.  This experience definitely opened her eyes to the world around her and fueled her passion to help others. Denise has served in several capacities on these trips and is currently the Secretary for the Board and the Chair of the Education committee.

Rosemarie Dulong Communication Chair of Guatemala Hope
Rosemarie Dulong Treasurer

Rosemarie is a resident of Belle River and a member at Visitation Parish Comber, Ontario. She retired as a pharmaceutical representative and is enjoying her role as mother of one and grandmother of two.

She made her first trip to El Triunfo in 2003 and her final trip in 2012. Although she is no longer able to travel to Guatemala for health reasons, she is still very active in the organization. She continues to pursue her goals of improving the education levels for Guatemalan children and in addition to her treasurer duties.

Barry Elliott Board Member

Barry Elliott is a retired WECDSB teacher and Religion consultant.  He continues to teach part time at the University of Windsor and has been a key supporter of Guatemala Hope since his wife and children made their first trip to Guatemala in 2001.  He has become increasingly active in recent years by heading up the Fundraising Committee and organizing our fundraising events.  Barry joined the Board of Guatemala Hope in 2018.  Barry enjoys his increased involvement and continues to marvel at the increased growth in Guatemala Hope

Brenda Stanley–Dauphin Board Member

Brenda Stanley-Dauphin is a recently retired Vice-Principal with the WECDSB.  She has 5 children and 11 grandchildren.  She has been a part of Guatemala Hope since one of the first large group of missionaries went many years ago and now serves on our board.

Brenda has been on many mission trips, offering training to local teachers and doing education presentations with grade school students. Brenda has focused on bringing education to the people in the village of El Triunfo but is always quick to help in any capacity.  She has also helped out by cooking for our groups in Guatemala and here in Canada, she joins Scott in helping make our fundraisers successful events here in Canada.

Lorna Walker Board Member

Born and raised in Simcoe, Lorna Walker spent time in Alberta before settling in Windsor 25 years ago and raising her family.  Through a former Guatemala Hope trip participant who joined Lorna on a ‘For a Better World’ mission trip to Africa, Lorna became interested in joining a Guatemala Hope Mission trip. Since 2008, she has travelled to Guatemala on 8 trips. In the village, Lorna has served in a number of roles. She is equally at home working in the medical clinic, helping out in the eye glass clinics, helping the education team, cooking for a team of 24, or serving as our village liason. After serving on the Mission Committee, Lorna joined the board in September 2016.

Since become a part of Hope in 2008, Lorna has seen many children grow up and always looks forward to returning to see the elders of the village because she can’t wait to see their progress and hear their stories. She believes that the love and appreciation the villagers give us outweighs what we can ever give or do for them!

Scott Dauphin Board Member

Scott Dauphin is a grandfather of 11 and a retired auto worker.  He started with Guatemala Hope many years ago in 2006. Still today, he continues to support the people of Guatemala in a variety of ways, including serving on the board and helping on the fundraising committee.

Scott has been on several trips to Guatemala and was able to participate when the organization brought a water faucet to each home by working beside villagers to dig trenches and connect waterlines.  He saw first hand the delight and joy when the water was first turned on in Triunfo.  Scott is known by the children of Guatemala as “Scoot” and is always able to bring joy and laughter to them.