Success Stories

In the summer of 2011, Guatemala Hope received a very large donation of children’s multivitamins from Jamieson’s in Windsor, Ontario. The expiry dates were within the Guatemalan time frame for importing so our Health Committee here in Canada worked to get the 6 skids of vitamins shipped to Guatemala.

Unfortunately the vitamins sat in a holding area at the Guatemalan customs agency for a very long time and they were not ready for us to deliver to the families when we arrived in November.  After several months our shipping company was finally able to release the vitamins and when the March trip arrived in the village of El Triunfo the vitamins were finally wating for us, ready to be distributed.

Pablo Martinez, shown in the picture with some of the village children, met with our team to develop a plan for dispersal. Pablo and two other members of the local health committee loaded a truck and went house to house delivering a one year supply of children’s vitamins to each child in eleven villages.

Due to the generosity of Jamieson’s, all the children from the ages of 2-13 years old received a years supply of vitamins.  We are truly grateful for the donation made by Jamieson and were thankful for the devotion and hard work of our Health committee in Triunfo who ensured the delivery of these vitamins to the children of the village.