Success Stories

Elmerson de la Cruz Alvarez graduated as a Primary School Teachers in October of 2013.

A major accomplishment yes, but one we would have never imagined when we first met him several years ago. Elmerson had never attended primary school but was helping one of the parents in the village with a daycare program. At the age of 13, he wanted to learn how to read and write so he began taking local classes in the adult literacy program through the encouragement of Guatemala Hope.   Three years later he completed that program and when offered a bursary, he decided he would try mainstreaming into the middle school system. He worked hard to attain good marks and gained confidence in his abilities.

With guidance from his original teacher, the financial and moral support of his loyal Canadian sponsor and his hard work and persistence he continued his studies for the next six years and was proud to present us a copy of his teaching certificate when we arrived in the that year in the village.   Elmerson is proof that, when given the opportunity there is hope for the children of Triunfo.