Success Stories

The Quadruplets!

When the Guatemala Hope Medical team arrived in El Triunfo in November 2012, Pablo was anxious to tell us about a set of quadruplets that were born in Japon 6 months earlier. The family had heard of the assistance that we gave for health and came to El Triunfo seeking help. Pablo helped them with the transportation to return in the fall.

When they arrived we were happy to assess the babies and talk to the parents about their needs. They told us they went into the delivery not knowing this would be a multiple birth and all 4 babies, 3 boys and a girl, were a good weight.  This was mom’s second pregnancy and they already had a 4 year old. Mom had successfully breastfed them but was exhausted and looked depressed. The Father was a proud, beaming Dad.  Aunts and cousins had come along to help with the trip.  As you can see the babies are beautiful!

Three of the children were doing very well, but the fourth was developmentally delayed, although alert and well physically. The parents asked for help to buy formula, and diapers. Pablo did some research during the trip and we figured the amount necessary to support them with these items.  A decision was made to support the family for one year and we left enough money to help for the first month.  An appeal was sent to our membership and donations came in to assist with this endeavour.

The family is doing well and want to say ….”Thank You for your wonderful generosity.  You have made a difference today and for the future of our family.”