Success Stories

This is Yuames, a one year old girl who was brought in to the clinic one year by her grandmother. She was feverish, in respiratory distress and very ill. Barb Fitzpatrick, our Nurse Practitioner, assessed her and found her to be in failure as she had fluid in her lungs and extremities. Immediately, Yuames was given tylenol, antibiotics and received a ventolin nebulizer treatments to assist with her breathing.

Our medical team began plans to send her immediately to the nearest city hostpital, as her condition was very poor. Our spiritual advisor on the trip, Fr. Frank Murphy prayed a blessing over her and she went home to be with her mother who was 8 months pregnant and unable to travel. Our village health committee was able to notify the hospital we work closely with (San Hermano Pedro in Angtigua) and found a committee member who would drive Yuames and her grandmother on the four hour trip to the hospital. They left in a van that was air conditioned  at 3 am so they would be there  first in line when the hospital offices opened at 7 am.

Once Yuames was admitted to the hospital they began the assessment process and the physician there had her transferred immediately to Guatemala City to the pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

When we returned to Canada word was sent to us that Yuames was suffering from a pneumonia and heart failure but the underlying cause was malnutrition. She received treatment for two weeks, miraculously improved and was discharged back to her home. Her mother had her baby shortly after Yuames returned home.

The following year we were fortunate enough to see a lively, 2 year old Yuames running around the clinic. She had  continued on formula and vitamins throughout the year and was now an active toddler.


Yuames and her family return to meet with our medical team after treating her the previous year