Success Stories

This is a scene of a typical assessment center in our medical clinics held during our November trips.  Here Dr. Scott Tracey is assessing a young boy as his families looks on. In the foreground is Rigo Valasquez translating for the doctor and the family and in the background you can see the villagers in line waiting to see the physicians.

Depending on the volunteer staff we are able to recruit, we are usually able to run three to four assessment centers where patients are seen by our doctors and nursing teams.  During the course of a week, we are typically able to treat more than 1000 patients who often do not have access or can not afford to see a doctor on their own.  Our clinics are set up with an intake area, treatment area and examination areas.  We also bring a pharmacist and provide medications to treat the various conditions encountered.

The success of our medical clinics depends largely on our volunteer doctors and nurses, as well as the large amount of fundraising done throughout the year to pay for the medications and supplies that we bring to treat patients.  We are so fortunate to have had many dedicated volunteers and continue to search for medical personnel to support our annual clinics.