MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT As I look back on 15 years of service in Guatemala, I am astounded by the impact we have had on Triunfo and the surrounding villages and how we have grown as an organization. One person, one family and one village at a time, Guatemala Hope has accomplished amazing work over the years. Today, we continue to provide hope for a better life in the communities we serve. We enlighten young and old with our education programs. Less than 5% of the villagers in Triunfo still live in bamboo huts. Clean, chlorinated water now flows into the homes. Our agricultural experts have focused on better crop farming methods, animal rearing and garden projects. Thanks to years of treatment for worms and parasites, our vitamin program and providing medicines and ongoing health care, we are now seeing healthier children and adults. While there is still a lot to do and many goals to achieve, we marvel at the difference made by each donated dollar and each hour volunteered. We appreciate and value the contribution that each trip participant has made. We celebrate the lives we have changed and improved. What miracles we've witnessed, what hope we have spread!
Louise Elliott, President