Board of Directors

Louise Elliott President of Guatemala Hope
Louise Elliott President

Louise Elliott is the mother of 4 (Mary, Angela, Heidi and Joe), wife of Barry and new grandmother of two incredible boys (Gavin Bauer and Anthony Koopman). She resides in Belle River, is an active parishioner at St. John the Evangelist Parish in Woodsee. Louise has worked for the past 15 years as a Quality Manager in various Injection Molding Facilities. While she loves the challenges of her working world, her true passion is working with Guatemala Hope and the amazing villagers it serves.

Louise founded Guatemala Hope (originally knows as Guatemala Relief) in response to a request from her friend, Rosa Gutierrez, a refugee from the village of el Triunfo in Guatemala. Since the beginning Louise has served on the Board of Directors and is the veteran of over 20 trips to El Triunfo.  She is delighted that this has also become a love affair for the rest of her family. Louise continues to be amazed at the great growth and expansion of Guatemala Hope, and the countless loving hours of donated labour that our villagers, Board members and members of Guatemala Hope give so generously. God is good!!!

Denise Hoffman Secretary, Education Chair of Guatemala Hope
Denise Hoffman Secretary - Education Chair

Denise has been involved with Guatemala Hope since 2007 and currently lives in Chatham with her husband Bill.  She has 2 grown sons, 2 beautiful daughter-in-laws and 5 wonderful grand children that she loves to spoil. Denise has been involved as a volunteer in her community since a young adult and had always wanted to participate on a trip to a Third World country.  She was finally able to make this dream come true when she joined Guatemala Hope in 2007.  This experience definitely opened her eyes to the world around her and fueled her passion to help others. Denise has served in several capacities on these trips and is currently the Secretary for the Board and the Chair of the Education committee.

Rosemarie Dulong Communication Chair of Guatemala Hope
Rosemarie Dulong Treasurer, Communication Chair

Rosemarie is a resident of Belle River and a member at Visitation Parish Comber, Ontario. She retired as a pharmaceutical representative and is enjoying her role as mother of one and grandmother of two.

She made her first trip to El Triunfo in 2003 and her final trip in 2012. Although she is no longer able to travel to Guatemala for health reasons, she is still very active in the organization. She continues to pursue her goals of improving the education levels for Guatemalan children and functions as the coordinator of the bursary program here in Canada.

Mary Elliott-Koopman in charge of social media - communication for Guatemala Hope
Mary Elliott-Koopman Board Member

Mary has been involved with Guatemala Hope in many different capacities over the past several years.  Her first trip to Guatemala was in 2001 as a High School student and she has since participated on twelve trips. She has come to know many of the families in El Triunfo and its surrounding areas and has formed lasting friendships that she greatly cherishes. Working with the people in Guatemala has been a life changing experience and she has been truly inspired by the incredible people she has met over the years.

She is currently a teacher for the WECDSB and serves on the Board of Directors for Guatemala Hope.  She enjoys sharing her experience with others and hopes to promote the idea that a commitment to social justice and the well being of others can really make a change in this world.  She is proud to be a part of this organization and hopes to continue working with this group to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

Jeremy Cavers member of Guatemala Hope board
Jeremy Cavers Vice President

Jeremy has served on the Board of Guatemala Hope since 2012. Has has been active on many levels including the Mission Committee, Education, Medical and Communication committees. He also worked on many of our fundraising events. Jeremy has been a valued participant on 4 trips in the last three years. He loves the work we do in Guatemala as well as here in Canada. During his time in the village he has made many friendships and feels that hope has no boundaries.

Jacqueline Harden Board Member

Jacqueline is Guatemala Hope’s most recent member to the board in 2015. She is excited to be involved with Guatemala Hope and looks forward to contributing to the positive changes this organization has made. Jacqueline is especially interested in the health promotion aspects of Guatemala Hope. She currently resides in Windsor and works as a Physician Assistant. Jacqueline enjoys travelling, reading, practicing yoga and  spending her free time with family and friends.